October 26, 2022

7:00 pm – Screening of the documentary, Hiding in the Walls, about lead exposure and poisoning in Baltimore, Maryland. Free online event in advance of filmmaker Angel Wilson’s keynote address in the morning. Register for the free screening.

October 27, 2022

8:45 am – Welcome

9:00 am – Keynote Speaker: Angel Wilson, Hiding in the Walls documentarian

10:00 am – Interview: Little Miss Flint

10:30 am – Presentation: Urban Soils in a Historically Industrial City


  • Jonathan Burgess, Programs and Policy Director, Allegheny County Conservation District
  • Daniel Bain, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Geology and Environmental Science at University of Pittsburgh

11:00 am – Panel: Funding for a Lead-Free Future


12:00 – Presentation: An Update to Blood Lead Reference Values

  • Dr. Paul Allwood, Chief, CDC Lead Poisoning Prevention and Surveillance Branch

12:30 pm – BREAK

1:00 pm – Panel: From Local to Federal, the Current State of Lead Policies


2:00 pm – Panel: Landlords and Lead


  • Luke Lewis, Landlord Liaison, Allegheny County Housing Authority
  • Mike Falce, Landlord Liaison, Allegheny County Housing Authority
  • Amanda Hower, Senior Operations Project Manager, Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh
  • Sunshine Pryor, Director of Compliance, Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh
  • Will Stewart, HCV Inspections Manager, Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh

3:00 pm – Award Ceremony and Recognition

7:00 pm – Lead 101: What every family needs to know about lead in the home


We invite you to join as many sessions as you like. Speakers and panelists to be updated on this page.

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Great Lakes Lead Elimination Network

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October 28, 2021

Together, we are working to create a lead-safe Allegheny and beyond. For all.
Our 2021 virtual summit featured community leaders, policymakers, advocates, scientists and families from across our region, state and nation to recognize National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week and the progress and action required in our community.
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